Icomera Moovbox



This guide shows how to configure an Icomera Moovbox access gateway for Volare.


In order to correctly integrate an Icomera Moovbox access gateway, it is necessary that:

  • The device is connected to the Internet
  • WAN and LAN interfaces are correctly configured

Accessing the web interface

First, you must access the web interface. The default access credentials are:

Username: admin
Password: password

The default IP address for the web interface (via LAN interface) is

Enabling the WiFi interface

If not enabled, you must enable the WiFi interface. To do this, click Interfaces in the Configuration left-side menu, then click Edit in the row of the WiFi interface (in the list of interfaces) and then click the On button in the field-set called State, in the Settings section.

Configuring captive portal settings

To configure the captive portal, click Bridge Groups in the Configuration left-side menu, then click Edit in the row of Access Point and then click the Edit Captive Portal button.

Once in the Captive Portal section, it is necessary to set RADIUS Based on the Mode field-set and then set the correct values in the Radius Settings field-set. Please note that:

  • The NAS ID value must be unique for your network and must be equal to the Identifier value set in the Admin Panel.
  • The UAM Allowed List value is the list of IP address ranges that can be visited by end-users in pre-authentication mode. In order to learn more about this, check the next paragraph Walled garden.

Below there is an example of a configuration. Please check the Parameters for the Solution paragraph, at the end of this article, in order to get updated data.

At the end of the configuration, click Save & reboot in the Administration left-side menu in order to correctly apply changes.

Walled garden

The walled garden is the list of websites that can be visited by end-users in pre-authentication mode. You should include websites dealing with the purpose of your Location, or related to particular Volare features that you wish to use (for example Social Login or online payments). In this case, please check the following articles:

Allowing free access to the CDN

As explained in the article Enabling the CDN, it is necessary to add some IP addresses to the walled garden in order to support the access to the CDN.
The IP addresses to add for this purpose are:


Entering the device details into the Admin Panel

In order to integrate the controller with the Solution, it is necessary to enter its details into the Admin Panel.

To get further information on how to do that, please see How to add an access point. Secondly, in the Admin Panel, a field called Identifier will be required by the web interface. For Icomera Moovbox access gateways it corresponds to the value previously entered as NAS ID.


Parameters for the Solution

The parameters to integrate the device with the Solution are the following: RADIUS Server:
RADIUS Server 2:
RADIUS Secret: (it will be communicated by Cloud4Wi)
UAM Server URL: https://splashportal.cloud4wi.com/
Authentication Port: 1812
Accounting Port: 1813

Please note that it is necessary to enter the Splash Page URL exactly as it is written above.
If you enter the Splash Page URL in different formats (e.g. https://splashportal.cloud4wi.com/c4wportal/mysplashportal), then the redirection will fail and the end-user will not be able to see the Splash Page.

If these parameters change in the future, we will promptly inform you about new values.

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