Samsung (Controller mode)



This guide shows how to configure a Samsung Wireless device “Controller – AP architecture”, in order to use it with Volare.

Please note that the images contained in this article may contain outdated configuration data. Therefore, please check the data contained in the article "Parameters for the Solution" at the bottom of the page, for the most up to date information.


The configuration procedure has been performed and tested on controller model (WEC8050) running Firmware version (0.4) and Software version (3.4.5). Before integrating the controller with Volare, it is necessary that the controller and access point are connected to the Internet and reachable on the network and that they have their IP address assigned to the access point through DHCP or static, which is reachable on the network.

RADIUS Server for the Authentication/Accounting Phase

In order to configure External RADIUS servers for the authentication phase, click Configuration > Security > AAA > Radius menu. To display or edit the details for an existing Radius server you must click on corresponding Server index. Otherwise, you have to click Add to create a new Radius server.

The following parameters must be configured:

Index: 1
Type: Auth or Acct or Auth/Acct
IP address
: (Primary Server)
IP address
: (Secondary Server)
Shared Secret
: (it will be communicated by Cloud4Wi)
Auth Port Number
: 1812
Acct Port Number
: 1813

Click “Save” to finish creating the external RADIUS server and return to the previous menu.

Splash Page Configuration

In order to configure the Splash Page where the end-user is redirected, it is necessary to configure the WLAN to support CAPWAP TUNNEL MODE : 802.3 TUNNEL.

To configure the Splash Page settings, click Configuration > WLANs > Security > L3 menu

The following parameters need to be configured:

Web Policy: Enable/Web Authentication
Pre-Authentication ACL
: Choose pre-defined ACL
Web Page Type
: External

Web Authentication:
Server Type
: Radius
Primary Radius Server
: choose from dropdown
Secondary Radius Server
: choose from dropdown

After Authentication: choose the redirect URL

Web Accounting:
Primary Accounting Server
: choose from dropdown

Click SAVE to finish the setup.


Access Control List/Walled Garden

An Access Control List (ACL) is a set of rules used to limit the access to a particular interface. You can set your ACL by clicking Configuration > Security > Access Control Lists à IP ACL menu on the left sidebar.

It is necessary to set two access lists, outbound and inbound in case you are creating an ACL by using the IP address.

In order to configure the walled garden for specific purposes, please check the following articles:

Here are some common domain names defined under access rules:



  • Samsung controller currently doesn’t support the logoff procedure
  • Wildcarding domains are not currently supported for Social logins. The best way would be to enter the complete domain name or the IP addresses accordingly.

Parameters for the Solution

The following parameters are needed to integrate the device with the solution:

Splash Page URL:
RADIUS Server Address (primary):
RADIUS Server Address (secondary):
Authentication port: 1812
Accounting port: 1813
Shared Secret: (it will be communicated by Cloud4Wi)

Please note that it is necessary to enter the Splash Page URL exactly as it is written above.
If you enter the Splash Page URL in different formats (e.g., then the redirection will fail and the end-user will not be able to see the Splash Page.

If these parameters change in the future, we will promptly inform you about new values.

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