This guide shows how to configure Xirrus array APs to work with Volare.

Please note that the images contained in this article may sometimes refer to older versions of Xirrus interface. But the details included in “Parameters for the Solution” will always be up to date.


Prior to using this guide, please make sure you have the following details:

  • Access to XMS cloud
  • Xirrus Array AP with access to internet
  • Access to Web interface of Xirrus Array AP.

It is recommended that you upgrade your access point to the latest available firmware from Xirrus.

Accessing the web interface

To set up a captive portal on Xirrus, you must enable the captive portal functionality. This can only be done from the XMS cloud account, which already has your array information.

You start by logging in to https://login.xirrus.com
Log in with your credentials to view this page:

Click on Profiles and select New Profile. Then, enter the name for the profile and click Create New Profile. Under General enter the basic information for the profile and then click on SSIDs tab.

Click on ‘NEW SSID’ and enter the name for the SSID. Select ‘Yes’ for the Captive Portal tab. This will open a new popup called ‘Setup Captive Portal’. Now you can choose ‘Landing Page’ and click Next.

In the space provided, enter the link to Splash Page. Eg. https://splashportal.cloud4wi.com

Click ‘Save and Finish’ to close this wizard. You can configure the rest of the options for your profile as required.

Now you need to add the Array AP to your profile. For this, click on the ‘Array’ tab next to ‘Configuration’ and then select ‘Add Arrays to Profile

Select the Arrays from the list on the left and drag and drop them to the right box.

Once you have dragged all the Arrays you need, you can click on Add Arrays to close this wizard.
Now you can log out of the cloud account and log in to the Web interface of the access point.

Configuring the access point

Log in to the Web interface of the Array AP with the right credentials.

Click on SSID > SSID Management.
You should be able to see the entry for the SSID that you created on the cloud platform. Please make sure that Encryption/Authentication is set to None/Open.
Then, enter the following information for the relevant fields:

Landing Page URL: https://splashportal.cloud4wi.com
Server: External Login
Redirect URL: https://splashportal.cloud4wi.com
Redirect Secret: Same name as the SSID. Please note this is case sensitive.

Under SSID C4W-Xirrus WPR Whitelist Configuration enter the information for the walled garden as mentioned below:

Scroll down to the Authentication Server section.

Select External Radius and enter all information as mentioned in the ‘Parameters for the Solution’ at the end of this article.

Check the box next to Accounting and enter the same information again.

This completes the configuration for the Xirrus interface. Please remember to save your entire configuration before closing the Web interface.

You can now configure Volare using this Quick-start guide.

Parameters for the Solution

These are the parameters for the Radius server details. Any changes to these parameters will be promptly communicated directly via email.

RADIUS for splash page (primary)
Port: 1812
Secret: (it will be communicated by Cloud4Wi)

RADIUS for splash page (secondary)
Port: 1812
Secret: (it will be communicated by Cloud4Wi)

RADIUS accounting servers (primary)
Port: 1813
Secret: (it will be communicated by Cloud4Wi)

RADIUS accounting servers (secondary)
Port: 1813
Secret: (it will be communicated by Cloud4Wi)

Please note that it is necessary to enter the Splash Page URL exactly as it is written above.
If you enter the Splash Page URL in different formats (e.g. https://splashportal.cloud4wi.com/c4wportal/mysplashportal), then the redirection will fail and the end-user will not be able to see the Splash Page.

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