Presence Analytics with Meraki CMX


Accessing the web interface

Login to the Meraki Dashboard with your credentials to view this page:

Select your organization and the network where you want to enable communication with Presence Analytics APIs.

Enabling the Meraki CMX and the communication with APIs

Go to the Configure tab in the left sidebar, and select Network-wide settings as shown below.
Find the CMX section and set CMX API value to "CMX API enabled".

The CMX is enabled and next, you will activate communication with APIs.
Enter the following data that will be provided privately from Cloud4Wi:

  • Post URL
  • Secret

When you click the Validate button, you should receive a success message, as shown below.
In this case, the communication with Presence Analytics APIs is successfully configured.

If you don't receive the success message, please check if the data is correctly entered.
Alternatively, you can open a ticket in our Support Center.

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