Branding options for the Admin Panel


In the Admin Panel, brand option settings can be accessed by going to:

Manage → Settings → Preferences → Branding.

From here, you can modify Admin Panel appearance by adding custom logos and background images. Available options include:

  • Logo: upload a custom logo for your branding.  We strongly recommended uploading a picture that’s 120x40 pixels, since logos will be automatically resized.
  • Background image for Admin Panel login page: upload a custom background image to display on the login page ( see Login page URL option below).  We recommended uploading images smaller than 500 KB with 1160 width. That way, images can be properly displayed on devices with larger resolutions.
  • External help URL: by specifying this option, it is possible to change the default Help URL in the main menu.
  • Admin Panel unique alias URL: by specifying this option, you can set a customized access login URL by entering an alphanumeric string. The URL is:
    You have to enter the"entered_name" suffix.
    By clicking the
    Check button, you can see if this URL is available or not.

By setting the unlock  option next to each configuration, the company owner can delegate configuration controls to the venue manager of each corresponding venue.

On the contrary, setting the lock  option will only let those at Company Level make changes, and the configuration option will not be visible to venue managers. If all configuration options of a section are locked, then the whole section is hidden from venue managers.

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