Splash Page templates


The Splash Page feature can be accessed through the quick access toolbar on the left, Guest Wi-Fi → Splash Pages. The Organization Manager can create and manage new Splash Pages, and also delegate the task to Location Managers. Splash Pages are displayed to end-users as they try to get connected while inside a location.

A Splash Page can be created in two ways:

  • Splash Page Template
  • Splash Page Layout

Splash Page Template

Choose from four available templates and easily customize the appearance of your portal. Each template contains a number of open blocks that can be managed either by the Organization Manager or the Location Manager.

Splash Page Layout

Choose from a group of standard page layouts and design your Splash Page from there. Each layout has a different number of blocks available, and each block can contain different types of content in them. Each block can also be locked or unlocked for delegating purposes. That way, Organization Managers and Location Managers can manage and edit different parts of the Splash Page.

This is a very efficient way to truly customize your Splash Page. But keep in mind, this route might require more work on your end

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