Exporting end-users into CSV files


By clicking on the People button in the quick access toolbar, and then clicking on the Export button in the command toolbar, you can export all your users' data to a CSV file.

If you set a search filter in the People page then this filter will be also applied in the exported files. Additionally, after you clicked on the Export button, you can also optionally provide the following data to further refine your filters:

  • Sign-Up Date Start (to list only the end-users who registered after a particular date)
  • Sign-Up Date Stop (to list only the end-users who registered before a particular date)
  • Marketing Policy (to list only the end-users who accepted/didn't accept the Marketing Policy, or both cases)

You can download the file by clicking on the download button.

Depending on the number of entries, the list may be split into separate files.


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