Complete list of supported access points, access devices, and firmware


Here's a list of quick user guides for each access point vendor we support, in order to help you with configuration.


Chillispot/CoovaChilli-based devices

Devices running standard Chillispot and CoovaChilli are supported by Volare. Please find the following article about this: Chillispot/CoovaChilli firmware based devices.

Supported access network architecture

The platform supports many different access network architectures. The most common scenarios:
  • Standalone: in this case, a single access point can be used without needing further devices.
  • Network managed by a controller: some vendors and products support a distributed architecture where each single access point is managed and controlled by a centralized controller/gateway.

Common configuration parameters

Independently from the vendor and the configuration used, in order to use an access point you need to configure the following basic parameters:
  • RADIUS IP address: the IP address of the RADIUS server, for authentication and accounting phases. It is strongly recommended to configure both the primary and the secondary RADIUS server.
  • Shared secret: the secret key shared between the RADIUS client and server.
  • Splash Page URL: the URL of the external login page where the end-user is redirected to.
Another important parameter is the Identifier. The platform uses this to identify the specific access point. You must set this value when creating the access point in the Admin Panel. For further information see article: How to add an access point.
Each product uses different conventions to set this parameter; in some cases, you can set this parameter manually, in other cases it is imposed by the device according to a well-known convention.
You must ensure this parameter is unique for your network (it is common to use the MAC address when the parameter can be manually set).
The default parameters are listed below. In case of any variation, you will receive the list of new parameters during the setup of the platform.
  • Primary RADIUS Server (IP address):
  • Secondary RADIUS Server (IP address):
  • Shared secret: (it will be communicated by Cloud4Wi)
  • Splash Page URL:
Other useful parameters:
  • Authentication port: 1812
  • Accounting port: 1813

Walled garden for Social Login/payment gateways

Here are additional settings to configure the walled garden of your device:

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