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This guide shows how to configure a Ubiquiti Networks device, in order to use it with Volare.

Please note that the images contained in this article may contain outdated configuration data. Therefore, please check the data contained in the article "Parameters for the Solution" at the bottom of the page, as they are certainly up to date.


This user guide refers to the ubnt:XS2.ar2316-coova.v3.5.1. SDK.100821.1330 firmware version. This version is supported since it integrates the CoovaChilli RADIUS client.
Anyway, please note that this firmware is an unofficial release since it has been made available by the Ubiquiti Networks Community and not by Ubiquiti Networks.
So if you intend to install this firmware, do it at your own risk.

Accessing the access point

Please access the device through the web interface.

Access point configuration

In order to set up the access point, it is necessary to access the Services page in the web interface, and then click the Setup link in the CoovaChilli Hotspot section.

This will open the whole CoovaChilli Hotspot section. The configuration here must be performed as shown in the following image.

Please note that:

  • The RADIUS NAS ID parameter set in the device must be unique for all the access points belonging to your network. Otherwise, the access point will be not correctly integrated with the Solution.
  • The UAM Secret field must be set equal to the RADIUS NAS ID parameter.
  • The Start on boot option allows CoovaChilli service to be started on boot

To configure the Walled Garden, please check the following articles:

Then it is necessary to click the Change button in order to apply the new configuration.

At the end, the last confirmation is needed.

Allowing free access to the CDN

As explained in the article Enabling the CDN, you must add some IP addresses to the Walled Garden in order to support the access to the CDN.
The domains to add for this purpose are:

  • c4wstatic.cloud4wi.com
  • c4wstaticjs.cloud4wi.com

Entering the device details into the Admin Panel

To integrate the access point with the Solution, it is necessary to enter its details into the Admin Panel.
To have further information on how to do that, please see How to add an access point. Anyway, in the Admin Panel, a field called Identifier will be required by the web interface. For Ubiquiti Networks products, as said before, it corresponds to the RADIUS NAS ID value that has been configured in Services page under the CoovaChilli Hotspot section.

Please note that this value must be unique for all the devices entered in the Admin Panel. Otherwise, the access point will be not correctly integrated with the Solution.

Parameters for the Solution

The parameters indicated above for the Services page under the CoovaChilli Hotspot section page are mandatory for the proper functioning. The necessary parameters to integrate the device with the Solution are the following:

Enable Hotspot: Yes
Start on boot: Yes (this allows CoovaChilli service to be started on boot)
UAM Portal URL: https://splashportal.cloud4wi.com
UAM Secret: (equal to the RADIUS NAS ID value)
RADIUS Server 1:
RADIUS Server 2:
RADIUS Shared Secret: (it will be communicated by Cloud4Wi)
RADIUS Auth Port: 1812
RADIUS Acct Port: 1813

Please note that it is necessary to enter the Splash Page URL exactly as it is written above.
If you enter the Splash Page URL in different formats (e.g. https://splashportal.cloud4wi.com/c4wportal/mysplashportal), then the redirection will fail and the end-user will not be able to see the Splash Page.

If these parameters change in the future, we will promptly inform you about new values.

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