Can an end-user register at our location using a foreign mobile phone?


Depending on the value set under the login profile for the Require access code for foreign users option, an end-user can register using a foreign mobile phone.

  • If it’s set to No, the end-user can directly access the service and no restrictions or additional procedures will be applied.
  • If it's set to Yes and the country code provided by the end-user is different from that specified in the Default country code in the Preferences section. The end-user during the first authentication on to the Splash Page will be required to enter an identification access code before accessing the Internet.
    The access code must be obtained by physically going to the location manager where they can request for valid ID.

Alternatively, the organization and the location manager can override the permission by accessing the people section of the quick access toolbar, by searching and selecting the end-user, and finally by clicking Unlock access with an access code option.
By doing this, the end-user will not receive further requests for identification access codes.

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