Volare 6.1 Release Note



We are pleased to announce the following improvements on the Volare platform. Some of the highlights are as follows:


  • Presence Analytics Parameters Calibration
    Volare uses sophisticated algorithms to classify all the devices seen in a Venue by Visitors or Passerbys. Our latest update to Presence Analytics allows you to fine-tune the main parameters of particular Venue layouts and also takes into account what type of business different Venues are. This helps to give more precise measurements.
  • Presence Analytics KPIs Enhancement
    We’ve enhanced the data processing structure and tweaked algorithms so traffic measurements are more precise for each of your Venues.
  • Location Analytics (Beta)
    While Location Analytics is still in Beta, we are continually making improvements so it can run faster and offer more insights.

  • Aerohive ACS Connect
    Connecting to HiveManager NG is now available with a one-click configuration setup. This connection feeds data into our Presence and Location Analytics.

  • General UI and UX Improvements
    Thanks to all the feedback and suggestions received, we’ve made general improvements to the new Volare Admin Panel - names have been changed and menu positioning has been updated.

  • Simpler App Management
    Whether apps are installed or not, you can find all of your apps in one place.
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