Volare 6.2 Release Note




Guest Wi-Fi Service Vendor Support

We've released support for the following Wi-Fi vendors:

  • Cambium Network - Details here

  • Mojo Network - Details here

  •  Open Mesh 6.X - Details here

    Introduced the support for firmware version 6xx on the following models:
    - OM2P series
    - OM5P series
    - MR1750

  • Zebra - Details here

    Zebra Controller  Vx9000 and Access Points


Presence and Location Analytics Vendor Support

Volare now also supports the following vendors for Presence and Location Analytics:

  • Cisco CMX (Location Analytics only)

  • Zebra


Improved Admin Panel menu

We've released some minor UX changes to the admin panel, including the left sidebar and menu.

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