Setup Presence Analytics with IgniteNet devices



IgniteNet devices are supported by Volare for Presence Analytics starting from the firmware version 1.1.3-11827.

Enabling the CMX and the communication with APIs

In the left sidebar (Site Menu), click on Configuration and then select Advanced Setup in the drop-down menu.

Once in the Advanced Setup page, click on either the Wireless 5 GHz or Wireless 2.4 GHz tab.

Scroll down and find the fieldset called Advanced Radio Settings and set the following values:

  • Probe Req. Data Push: ON
  • Push URL:

As the last step, you need to set "UTC" as the time zone of the device, regardless of the actual time zone of your country.
To do this, stay on the Advanced Setup page mentioned above and move to the tab called System Settings. In the General Settings fieldset, set Timezone to "UTC".


Once that’s complete, you’ve successfully configured Presence Analytics.

If you have any issues, please open a ticket in our Support Center.

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